Our Brews

Since 1786, seven generations of our family have continued to make beer the Molson way. We brew today to inspire tomorrow.

Molson Canadian

Brewed with Canadian water, prairie barley and no preservatives, this lager is as clean, crisp and fresh as the country it comes from. Molson Canadian earns its name with an iconic taste derived from authentic Canadian ingredients.


Molson Export

Molson Export is the refreshing, satisfying ale that signals determination for those who believe everything tastes more satisfying when you give it your all.


Molson Dry

Molson Dry has a crisp, dry finish with an added 0.5% advantage, the only lager that provides easy refreshment with no aftertaste.


Molson Ultra

Molson Ultra is brewed to 70 calories and 2g carbs. At 3% alcohol, this clean, light, refreshing beer uses the best this land has to offer - Canadian water, barley and no preservatives.